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Printed Barrier Tape produced by the UK’s Leading Manufacturer in the Warning Tape Industry.


One Colour Hazard Warning Tape

Full range of standard warning tapes available from stock.


Three Colour Branded Barrier Tape

Our custom printed barrier tape can be printed to your requirements.


2 Colour Printed Barrier Tape

Custom Printed Barrier Tape is a great low-cost marketing tool.


Printed Barrier Tape

Custom Printed Barrier Tape is a great low-cost promotional / marketing tool.


High Strength

Our Barrier tapes are produced from high strength non adhesive polyethylene (LDPE)


Internal & External Use

Our Barrier Tapes are suitable for indoor and outdoor event use, in any weather.

Printed Barrier Tape

Printed Barrier Tape is a non-adhesive tape that creates a divide, or a barrier most commonly used at races, charity events and by the police. We can produce custom printed barrier tape in many sizes, quantities and colours.

This tape is widely known as Barrier tape or Barricade Tape. The minimum order for barrier tape is 12 rolls. (LDPE) Barrier tape is manufactured using a high strength non adhesive polyethylene material.

Barricade tape is made with durable tear resistant plastic materials such as nylon, polyethylene or polypropylene.


Standard Barrier Tape

Standard barrier tape is essentially barrier tape that is either plain in colour, one coloured or kept as stock such as the Black and Yellow hazard warning barrier tape, or the red and white. red and black hazard warning barrier tape. We stock these tapes as well as many other pre-printed tapes such as caution and danger. We also manufacture Printed Packaging Tape. Contact us to learn more.

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Ordering Printed Barrier Tape

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Printed Barrier Tape Enquiry

Here are the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions regarding Printed Barrier Tape.

What is Printed Barrier Tape?

Barrier Tape is non adhesive tape primarily used to separate people from areas, such as Police crime scenes or races including charitable events. It’ is also used as a marketing resource due to its real-world use, at charitable events it used to promote sponsors whilst dividing people and giving instructions such as do not cross.

The relatively low cost of Barrier Tape means it is also very cost effective when you think of the dual purposes it serves. We can produce custom printed barrier tapes from as little as £15 per roll.

It’s easy to order from us, we’re here to help, we provide the whole service from Artwork design all the way through to the manufacturing, quality checking and delivery to your business. Contact us today.

    What are the sizes of Barrier Tape?

    The standard reference when it comes to barrier tape sizes is width and length. In thickness, all tape sizes match. When buying barrier tape, you must consider the size of the area that you want to cordon off.

    Larger perimeters will certainly require longer tapes. If you make a mistake and order shorter tapes, you will end up joining several tapes at the terminals to cover the perimeter. On a standard scale, the barrier tape size is 75 mm x 250 m.

    However, with customisation, you can have variations in both width and length. The barrier tape used by police to fence off accident and crime scenes measures 50 mm x 250 m on average. Depending on your specifications, you can have tapes measuring 70 mm in width by 500 m in length.

      What material is Barrier Tape made from?

      Our Barrier tapes are produced from high strength non adhesive polyethylene (LDPE) in various widths but our most common variations are 75 mm x 250 meters long and 50 mm x 250.

      We can produce custom printed barrier tapes in up to 3 colours on a number of coloured backgrounds, our most popular colours for standard runs are White, Red, Green, Blue Orange, Yellow and Black however we are not limited to just those colours and can print truly bespoke jobs.

      (LDPE) This is a very strong material, that also finishes extremely well.

        What is Barrier Tape?

        Barricade tape is usually a brightly coloured tape that is most commonly used where there is a danger, hazard or to create a divider. For example the police use Blue on White for their barrier tape in England. It creates a barrier hence the name Barrier Tape.

        The printing can also be tailored for the event or purpose for which it is required. For instance, barrier tape for accident scenes may be printed ‘Crime Scene Do Not Cross’ while tapes for construction sites may be printed ‘Road Works Ahead Do Not Cross’.

        Part of the functionality of the barrier tape is in its strength. Most of these tapes are made using high strength polythene or polypropylene material. These are plastic materials that are durable and tear-resistant.

        These barrier tapes serve the same purpose as the printed barrier tapes only that they are either monochromatic or poly-chromatic. For instance, you may come across standard barrier tapes with black and yellow or white and read hazard warnings.

        These barrier tapes are usually pre printed because there is no customisation needed. If you want to block off dangerous areas within your facility to prevent accidents, standard, as opposed to printed barrier tapes, are recommended.

        The lack of customisation in these tapes makes them slightly cheaper than the customised varieties. The only messages, if any, are general just to catch people’s attention and enhance the visibility of hazards.

        The materials used in making standard barrier tapes are like those used in printed barrier tapes. This means you enjoy equivalent strength, tear resistance, and durability.

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          Get in touch with us to have your tape custom printed or to receive free help with the following:

          • Free professional advice about any print on tape or on the best way to use our products
          • Free quotes based on the number of custom printed tape rolls that you need
          • Choosing and confirming your design for your personalised tapes. We can print your name or your logo, or you can search other examples on our website.
          • Custom printed tape solutions, including our professional advice on styles, size and colours
          • Queries about our company, website and products and on how we produce our tape custom or plain
          • Questions about our delivery options for your custom rolls
          • Free and dedicated after-sale customer assistance
          How long does production & delivery take?

          We have various production and delivery options available. Each print run can be produced in one of three turnaround These are “Super Saver” which means your order will be produced and delivered to you within 21 days. The next service is “Standard” using this service will ensure your packaging tape is with you within 14 days, and finally we have our “Premium Turnaround” which guarantees your tape will be with you in 3 to 7 days.

          Call us or send your enquiry online at any time, we are always available to answer our customers’ question or listen to their feedback. You can also have your vinyl tape custom printed with your name or logo.

            Where do I send my artwork to when I order my Custom Printed Tape?

            The process to order your custom printed tape is easy. Simply send us an email or enquiry online, and tell us how you would like to have your tape custom printed. You can provide any name, logo, artwork, custom design or message to print on your rolls. You can use our search option to find many free examples on our website.

            Once you are happy with your custom printed tape design, we will process your order and your tapes will be delivered to your door as soon as possible.

            Get in touch with our customer service today if you need more information, to find out if your artwork or logo is suitable, or to order. Email us at, or you can also get in touch with our form at the top of this page. Please don’t forget to include your order number, if available.

            One of the members of our team will be happy to advise you on the best solutions for your customised washi tape or bespoke printed tape. Get in touch with us for any queries or to show us your chosen artwork, and we will immediately start processing your order.

              What is meant by the Origination / Plates cost?

              Flexographic printing of packaging tape requires us to manufacture printing plates, this is a “one off bespoke” process required to successfully print your job. When you reorder the exact same tape with us in the future there will be NO plate cost as we will keep the plate in stock for you. We can also waive printing plate costs on orders over 288 rolls.

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